ZetaZeta (Asia) Company Limited 臻達(亞洲)有限公司 Guang Zhou Label Tec Limited 廣洲臻達印刷有限公司

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臻達 (亞洲) 有限公司專門生產服裝貼紙、碼數貼紙、條碼貼紙、咭牌、圖案貼紙、外箱貼紙、價錢貼紙、卷裝加印貼紙和包裝盒等等。

Zeta (Asia) Company Limited specialize in the production of garment stickers, size stickers, barcode labels, hangtags and packaging boxes.

成衣標籤印刷| 成衣貼紙| 碼數貼紙| 條碼貼紙| 圖案貼紙| 外箱貼紙| 價錢貼紙| 價錢牌| 吊牌| 卷裝加印貼紙


We produce swing tag| tag| paper tag| hang tags| price tag| stickers| graphic sticker| garment sticker| gift box| packaging| carton label| A4 Laser, Inkjet label| Barcode Label| Thermal Sticker| Size Sticker| Price Sticker| Bottle Label| packaging Box| Card Printing| Gift Box| Blister Card| Hanger card| grommet hang tag| eyelet Hang Tag| string hang tag| craft paper tag| paper packaging box|